Monday, August 10, 2009

Sensory Recipes Including Gluten Free

Pediatric therapists, parents and teachers use sensory recipes daily. Here is a collection of fun ones from the Internet to explore.

1. Recipes for Sensory Fun: This is a nice 5 page download created by a therapy company to hand out to parents.

2. Fun and Messy Dough Recipes: This has all the favorites plus some interesting new ones such as white bread and glue dough, clean mud and snow.

3. Gluten Free Dough Recipes: Anyone who works with or has children on a gluten free diet here is lots of suggested products and recipes.

Need some suggestions of how to use the clay or play dough? Check out Creative Clay Activities book or Clay Play Mats.

Play-Doh is currently running a contest where your child (or student) could win a $5000 Playroom makeover and $5000 school donation. Just have the child create a favorite food out of Play-Doh, take a picture and enter it in the contest.

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