Friday, October 16, 2009

More Yoga for Children Resources

Previously, I had done a post on Yoga for children. I have since come across two additional resources that may be of interest to pediatric occupational and physical therapists who work in the schools.

One is Yoga in my School. This website has all the steps you need to do to bring Yoga into the schools. It is loaded with information on different poses and the benefits of yoga for children and teens. I am hoping to get a chance to explore it further.

The other resource - Teaching Kids Yoga. Again, this site is jam packed with great information on yoga for children. There is activity ideas, meditations, song suggestions and more.

Would love to hear from therapists who have had success using yoga in the school environment.

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Alicia said...

Thanks for the references. Several years ago, I saw a Headstart teacher beautifully teaching yoga to her 3-4 year old students in class. It inspired me to try it as a warm up (calm down) activity at the start of speech therapy sessions. One little boy who is on the autism spectrum really loved it, choosing which yoga poses to do each day. It was great to focus on breathing and slowing down poses. Afterward he was ready to "work" in speech therapy. Speechie-wise, we of course modified yoga to make comments such as "it's windy today, my leaves are blowing" while doing the "tree" or "I'm flying over a farm" while doing the airplane. This boy's mom was able to take the visual cues we used for "yoga" and use them when a conflict was arising at home. It was helpful tool she could use to help diffuse sibling and stressful issues sometimes.
Alicia Fox, SLP

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