Sunday, January 24, 2010

Superbowl = Movement

It is almost Superbowl time. Get kids involved by getting them to move not just watch the games. The NFL has a campaign entitled Play 60. The American Heart Association has free resources available for teachers to get kids moving for 60 minutes each day during the NFL Play60 six week challenge. Don't want to sign up for the challenge? Here are some simple physical activity ideas with a Superbowl theme.

1. Football Training: Set up an obstacle course at home or in the classroom. Set up hoops to walk through, throw the football through a hoop or into a basket, crawl low on the floor, any type of training exercise you can create.

2. Cheerleaders: Create and practice different cheers for your favorite team.

3. Football Target: Hang up a hoop from a doorway or tree. Throw a soft football or any ball through the target. Who can get the most through the hoop?

4. Flag Twirling: Create a team flag to wave during the game. Cut out a flag and tape to a small stick. Create a dance routine with the flag to perform during half time.

5. Flag Football Group Game for Outdoors: Gently tuck a streamer from the back of every child's pants except one. One person is it and has to collect as many streamers as possible by grabbing the streamers.

6. Football Scavenger Hunt: Write the letters F, O, O, T, B, A, L, L down the page. The children have to walk around the house, school or outdoors and find objects that start with each letter. The children write down the name of the object next to the letter. For example, if you see a flag write it down next to the F. If you find an oval picture write it down next to the O. Continue until the children have found objects for each letter.

7. Superbowl Quiz: Put 10 lines of tape on the floor each about 1 foot apart. If playing with a group create long lines for 2 children to be able to stand side by side. The child starts at one end. Ask the child a question. It could be a review question from school, something about football, etc. If the child gets it right, he/she jumps forward to the next line. Continue on until the child gets to the end of the lines to score a touchdown. To increase the difficulty, see if the child can score a touchdown in under 2 minutes.

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Anonymous said...

Nice selection of activities.

Did you see that I linked YTS into today's post?


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