Sunday, January 24, 2010

Best Time to Toilet Train

A recent study in the Journal of Pediatric Urology indicated that the best time to toilet train a child is between 24 and 32 months of age. Children who did not receive toilet training until after 32 months had more issues with bed wetting, day wetting and urge incontinence. The researchers concluded that the timing of toilet training was more important than the method of the training.

Reference: Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (2010, January 11). Best time to toilet train children pinpointed through research. ScienceDaily. Retrieved January 24, 2010, from­ /releases/2010/01/100109230611.htm


Candace said...

Hmmm, very interesing. I wonder how you can combat this when you have a six year old who isn't ready yet.

Anonymous said...

I suspect, Candace that the study pertains to children without diagnoses. (Hi! Fancy meeting you here!) My thoughts went to ol' Dr. Spock - who said late in his life that he wished he had said that the average age for completed potty training is 3 years instead of 2 years, especially for boys.

I am of the opinion that "method of training" would be difficult to control for research purposes - and then they conclude it is less important than age - ? I hope this study did not get a lot of press. Not.very.helpful.

Your Therapy Source Inc said...

I too wonder about this study. My question is what if the children who did not start toilet training until after 32 months were late bloomers and would have had trouble with day and bed wetting regardless of what age they started training. How do they control for that? It was a retrospective study of 150 children and parents had to recall the ages and training methods. I have four children and I can only recall how old one of them was when they were trained. In addition, I did not use any specific method just sheer will and the desire to be done with diapers. I do remember that the children dictated whether it worked or not.

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