Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NY Times Article on Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Today there was an interesting article in the NY Times entitled "Watch How You Hold That Crayon" The article discusses occupational therapists helping children with handwriting. It is definitely worth a read to see what is happening in some areas of the Country and pediatric OT services. After you read the article, would love to hear your comments regarding:
1. Parents fears that children's skills are not sufficient for preschool admission?
2. Is the focus too strong on grip and handwriting at such a young age?
3. Lack of information regarding all the other skills that occupational therapists are trained in?

Any other thoughts on the article?

1 comment:

MediTouch said...

GripStrength and handwriting

HandTutor can help to improve children's eye hand co-ordination and treat children with fine motor skill problems e.g. poor handwriting and cutting etc. The HandTutor provides active exercises through rehabiliation games that can train and improve the specific deficit in the ability of the child to use the appropriate grip strength thumb and index finger) to hold the pencil or pen. Fine motor training intended to improve this disability needs to work on exercises that teach the child how to balance the strength in the index finger and thumb flexor (closing) and extensor (opening) muscles.

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