Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fine Motor and Tactile Input Activity

This is a great activity to encourage fine motor skills, tactile input and creativity. The big bonus - can be simple or very complex so it works well with kids of varying abilities. Here are the full directions for Fabric Creations.

Give this one a try!


MediTouch said...

HandTutor can help to improve children's eye hand co-ordination and treat children with fine motor skill problems e.g. poor handwriting and cutting etc.
During a child's schooling there is a progression in the complexity of the functional task and the fine motor skill ability required to carry out the task. At the same time there is a progression in the concentration and attention to small details required to successfully complete the task.
The MediTouch HandTutor provides sensory motor impairment oriented training by giving the child games that require isolated, co-ordinated and accurate finger and wrist movements. HandTutor's dedicated rehabilitation games motivate and improve concentration allowing for intensive practice leading to better eye-hand co-ordination, and improved fine motor skill ability.

MediTouch said...

Let us take as an example illegible handwriting as an example of one common task that is impaired in children diagnosed as having ADHD or ADD. Here the fine motor impairment or movement ability deficit is the ability of the child to use the appropriate grip strength thumb and index finger) to hold the pencil or pen. Fine motor training intended to improve this disability needs to work on exercises that teach the child how to balance the strength in the index finger and thumb flexor (closing) and extensor (opening) muscles.

The HandTutor by allowing the child to intensively practice the repetitive exercises and the impaired fine movement ability that is lacking achieves an improvement in the necessary movement parameter required by the child to achieve the task e.g. handwriting.

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