Friday, May 21, 2010

Benefits of Sensory Integration Interventions

The American Occupational Therapy Association released information on the sensory integration interventions resulting in positive outcomes. This press release discusses a review of 27 studies on the effectiveness of sensory integration therapy. The researchers found that:

"Results of the systematic review suggest the sensory integration approach may result in positive outcomes in sensorimotor skills and motor planning; socialization, attention, and behavioral regulation; reading-related skills; participation in active play; and achievement of individualized goals. Additionally, gross motor skills, self-esteem, and reading gains may be sustained from three months to two years".

Read the full AOTA Press Release

Or view it below:


Anonymous said...

I have been critical of treatments designated as 'sensory integration' and this news report on a journal article from AJOT does not reduce my criticism. How old is the journal article? The year is not included in the reference and this is a glaring error! How can I evaluate the conclusions if I do not know how old the data is? (Can't.)

I looked-up the author/org - The Spiral Foundation:

There are so many 'holes' in this web page I cannot take the time to share them in this comment. If the source and age of the research are in question, I have little incentive to go further. For me to give any credence to this information I would have to read the AJOT article myself. Not to disparage AJOT or AOTA - both of whom I respect, but not putting the year in the reference is just unconscionable.

(very picky research evaluator) Barbara

Your Therapy Source Inc said...


From what I can tell, the reference seems to be for the next upcoming issue of AJOT, Vol 64 No 3. This press release was just written by AOTA on May 10,2010. I, too, would like to read the full article. Curious to know more information about "positive results" found...was there a significant difference or just positive change? Are they small sample sizes which many research studies regarding sensory integration are? When is the research dated that they are reviewing? Therefore, I do not think you are being picky you are being smart!


Anonymous said...

I like it when we agree, Margaret! Your questions are just.right! Thanks for providing the date. Still a mistake on their part.

A key word in the news announcement is "may" - as in "result in positive outcomes". What a watered-down result.

To be clear, the problem I have with the researcher is her stated intention of proving effectiveness as opposed to investigating effectiveness of SI techniques. She is unabashedly a believer - so how can her 'research' be objective?

Very disappointing. I am so wishing that OTs will examine this carefully and give feedback to AJOT. Barbara

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