Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Upper Extremity Work Out and Motor Planning on the Wii

Some people have the opinion that using the Wii is a work out. In many cases, very little movement is required for certain Wii games. For example, if you play Super Mario Brothers all you have to do is press the Wiimote buttons or tilt the Wiimote. Consider this, sitting down ice fishing burns more calories than Wii bowling. Therefore, if you are recommending the Wii for physical activity time for children at home or during physical education class, make sure you are also recommending truly active Wii games.

If you are looking for a great upper extremity workout along with motor planning check out Wii Just Dance for Kids. Basically, you have to copy the dance moves of the middle dancer on the screen. Because it tracks the Wiimote in your hands, there is an extensive amount of upper extremity motions to follow. It keeps tracks of your points for how well you accurately match the dance moves. There are different levels of songs based on difficulty to follow the dance moves and effort. The list of songs varies from traditional children's songs (i.e. BINGO, A,B,C,'s, etc) and Top 40 dance music.

If you are looking for a truly active Wii game, check out Wii Just Dance for Kids.

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