Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Right Side Hurts More?

Here is a very interesting journal article from Early Human Development on pain perception in infants. Did you know that some studies have shown that handedness and gender can effect pain perception in adults? This latest study was to determine if the same held true in infants. Prefrontal activation was measured with near infrared spectroscopy while a blood sample was taken from 21 right hands and 19 left hands of infants at 4-6 days old. Statistical analysis was done on the magnitude of the oxy-Hb value in response to pain, right or left hand, male or female and recording side. The results showed a significant effect of stimulus side with the right hand stimulation showing more prefrontal activity. No other significant differences were found between male versus female or recording side.

Wonder if this holds true for other senses? Is the sense of touch more "sensitive" on the right side? Is joint proprioception more accurate on the right side? How about male versus female?

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Reference: Mio Ozawaa, Katsuya Kandaa, Michio Hiratab, Isao Kusakawab, and Chieko Suzuki Effect of gender and hand laterality on pain processing in human neonates Early Human Development Volume 87, Issue 1, January 2011, Pages 45-48

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