Thursday, June 16, 2011

Caudate Nucleus, ADHD and Autism

Through the use of magnetic resonance imaging, a recent study indicated that 13 preschool children (ages 4-5) with ADHD had smaller volumes in the caudate nucleus than 13 preschool children without ADHD. The caudate nucleus is associated with learning, memory and motor control. In addition, the caudate volumes were significantly correlated with parental reports of impulsivity and hyperactivity. Cortical volumes were not associated with the severity of ADHD symptoms.

With regards to autism, research has suggested that the caudate nucleus is enlarged in adolescents and adults with autism. When an MRI study was performed on 88 young children with autism (ages 2- 4), there were no differences in caudate volume when compared to typically developing peers. They did find a difference in right and left caudate volume for children with early onset autism compared to those children with regression autism. Their data also suggested that smaller caudate volume was associated with more repetitive behaviors.

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