Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Video Modeling for Children with Autism

Some research has indicated that the use of video modeling can help children with autism achieve different skills. Shipley-Benamou et al (2002) used video modeling instruction to teach 5 daily living skills to three children with autism. The video modeling was effective in promoting skill acquisition for 3/3 children who participated. Additional research has been performed indicating that video modeling has been successful in teaching communication skills, academic skills, play skills and more. Most of the research had the children watch a video 1-3 times before attempting the task. Peer modeling, adult modeling and self modeling has been shown to be effective.

Here is an idea... check out some of these videos below or on You Tube for learning to write different letters from CallOTChrissy. You could use these for video modeling for children with autism. If you wanted to refine their skills further, video the child writing the letter. The child can then compare their actions to the model action video. Try editing the child's video to make it appear as if the student completed writing the letter effectively. Now you could also use the child as the video model. Have you ever used video modeling to teach skills during therapy sessions?

PS - CallOTChrissy also has this cute song and video for the correct pencil grasp adapted from Handwriting without Tears.

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CallOTChrissy said...

This is a great site! Thank you for writing your post on the handwriting links! I'm looking forward to reading everything else you have posted on here! So much excellent information that can be shared with parents/teachers etc. Promoting occupational therapy, Chrissy

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