Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Movement App Review - Dance Party Zoo

I love to test out apps that require whole body movement. So far I have not been impressed with many and don't even bother sharing them. Here is one that has some potential...I guess. I am not overly excited about it but I have decided to mention it and see if anyone has some great uses for it. It is called Dance Party Zoo. Basically you pick an animal avatar and then dance with the iPhone in your hand or pocket and it measures your rhythm (according to the app). After the countdown you start moving and grooving to your choice of music. While you are moving there is just an orange screen like this:

Then when you are done dancing, the screen changes and shows the animal dancing to the rhythm you previously danced. It provides a nice visual for slow or fast dancing. You are awarded points for maintaining a consistent rhythm. The dancing animals are cute but you can barely see them. I was really hoping that when you danced the animal would move (like a Talking Tom app but the animal moves based on how you move the iphone - does anyone know of any apps like that?) This app costs $2.99 and you can get it here - Dance Party Zoo.

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