Wednesday, May 23, 2012

3 More Tips on Using A Smartphone to Get Moving

Screenshot from Play-Move-Develop
Yesterday's blog post was on 10 apps that get you moving.  For today here are 3 more tips to encourage movement when using smart phones or tablet computers. 

1.  You Tube - There are so many exercise videos on You Tube that you can access for free.  Watch learn tai chi (wonderful for seated exercise),  learn new yoga moves or try out some popular Zumba fitness.

2.  Add ebooks to your library - Tired of carrying lots of equipment and papers?  Did you know that you can add the ebooks from Your Therapy Source to your smartphone or tablet?  Just email yourself the pdf document once you download it to your computer.  Open it up on your phone or tablet and save it.  For example you could open up Action Alphabet and follow the physical activities for all the letters of the alphabet.  Open up the Imagination Action Journeys and move through your imaginary journey.   Turn on some music and try some new dance moves with Dancing with the Owls.   Use the picture symbol cards from Mini Sensory Processing Books to allow children to choose the next activity.   Open up Roll Some Fun and use a dice app to roll the die.

3.  Screenshots - Tired of running to the copy machine to provide parents and teachers with ideas?  Tired of paying for color copies?  Use screenshots from the Your Therapy Source ebooks.  For example, open up Roll Some Fun on your iPhone.  Go to the page that you want to use.  Take a screenshot of the page.  Email yourself the screenshot.  Now you can send that page to parents for "therapy homework" or teachers for an in class movement break.  A teacher can even put it up on a projection screen (ie Smartboard) so the entire class can view it.  Want to email activities to parents?  Try Play-Move-Develop (picture above is from Play-Move-Develop).  Again, open it up on your smartphone, take a screenshot of the activity page and email it to a parent.            

Now you have a HUGE collection of sensory motor activities right on your smart phone or tablet.

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