Tuesday, May 22, 2012

10 Apps that Get You Moving

Here are 10 apps to get you moving with your iPhone or iPad (in no particular order).  You can click on the links to get more information about the apps.

1.   Dance Party Zoo - dance and iphone measures your rhythm.

2.  Walk N Play - track physical activity with the iPhone

3.  Footsteps - pedometer that can track gait speed and distance

4.  Move Like Me - dance steps to follow

5.  Time Motion App -  use this video app to analyze movement

6.  Using Apps to Evaluate Posture - doesn't exactly get you moving but does get you to sit up straight

7.  FitQuest - Jog, hop and duck with this app

8.  Egg and Spoon - walk with iphone trying to keep egg on spoon

9.  Short Sequence - Kids Yoga - nice images to provide as a visual

10.  Motion Maze - maze powered by your movement.

Check out tomorrow's post on more tips to encourage physical activity using your smart phone or tablet.

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