Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Create Your Own Font

I found a website where you can create your own font for free and then install it on your computer to use in a Word document or any publishing software.  It is very simple.  Print out the template that the website provides.  Write letters and numbers in the boxes on the templates.  Scan the template and upload it on the website.  Your font is ready right away.  Don't forget to install in on your computer.  Once installed, start typing with your own handwriting or fun font.

Here are some other ideas:
1.  Children can practice handwriting while the write in each of the letters.  Once scanned in they will be impressed at what they created.

2.  Create the font to preserve handwriting.  Do you work with any children or adults that have a progressive disease?  If yes, perhaps they would like to have a font of their handwriting if there comes a time they will no longer be able to write themselves.  Once you save this font, when assistive technology is used they will be able to have their original personalized handwriting.

3.   Get creative.  Make your own creative font just for fun to use on different documents.

4.  Show a child's handwriting through the years.  Perhaps have a child fill out the template each year.  Then as time goes by it would be a wonderful keepsake to show how a child's handwriting has progressed through the years.

You can access the free handwriting font at


Anonymous said...

thanks! that's amazing! i love it already!!!

therapy websites said...

Wow, that's awesome and cool! I learned cursive writing when I was in first grade and I wish this app was available that time. I just can't imagine how awful my handwriting was. Thanks for sharing this!

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