Thursday, June 7, 2012

Recent Wii and Kinect Research

Gait and Posture recently published two articles on the use of the Wii and the Kinect.  The research indicated the following:
  1. When compared to multiple camera 3D motion analysis, the Microsoft Kinect was able to validly assess kinematic strategies of postural control.  The forward reach, lateral reach and single limb stance eye closed were used for postural control tests.
  2.  Postural control was evaluated when using the WiiFit Soccer Heading game and the Ski Slalom game.  The results indicated that participants primarily used a trunk strategy to play Soccer Heading and a great contribution of lower extremity control to play Ski Slalom. 
References: Ross A. Clark | Yong-Hao Pua | Karine Fortin | Callan Ritchie | Kate E. Webster | Linda Denehy | Adam L. Bryant Validity of the Microsoft Kinect for assessment of postural control Gait & Posture, Available online 23 May 2012 

A. Michalski | C.M. Glazebrook | A.J. Martin | W.W.N. Wong | A.J.W. Kim | K.D. Moody | N.M. Salbach | B. Steinnagel | J. Andrysek | R. Torres-Moreno | K.F. Zabjek Assessment of the postural control strategies used to play two Wii Fit videogames Gait & Posture, Available online 19 May 2012

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