Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Helping Students and Families Pick Sports

As pediatric therapists, families and students may come to us for suggestions on participation in organized sports for children with disabilities.  We can make recommendations based on a child's strengths.  When a child is evaluated for therapy services, frequently depending upon what evaluation tool is used, you can determine areas of strength such as balance, muscle strength or eye hand coordination skills.  Use this information to help formulate a basic recommendation of what might be best to try for a specific child.

Organized sports that require good eye hand coordination skills are baseball, softball, tennis, volleyball,etc. 

If a child exhibits better balance skills perhaps try gymnastics, karate and diving to name a few.

For some children individualized sports may be a good fit such as swimming, biking, bowling, track and field or skiing.  Individualized sports allow a child to participate in physical activity at their own pace versus the stress of being on a team sport.


Anonymous said...

Therapeutic horseback riding is also very beneficial! Great for balance, hand/eye coordination, communication skills, and self esteem!

Your Therapy Source Inc said...

Excellent point. I realized this morning I left horseback riding off the list. Thanks!!!!

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