Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sitting Upright Helps with Learning

Many times pediatric therapists recommend environmental modifications to help children sit up on their own or to sit with an upright posture.  Whether it be a "Bumbo™"  or "Tumble Form" type seat for babies or an adapted chair for older children, therapists know that by providing proper seating the child is better prepared to free up their hands to explore the environment.

Developmental Psychology has published research entitled "Posture Support Improves Object Individuation in Infants".   The research indicated that babies' ability to sit up unsupported has a profound effect on their ability to learn about objects.  The study was performed in stages but the end result showed that helping a baby to sit up in a secure position allowed the baby to use patterns to differentiate objects which previously they were unable to do if not sitting up securely.

Reference: Medical Xpress. Study shows sitting up helps babies learn. Retrieved from the web at on 12/5/2012

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