Thursday, December 6, 2012

Zentangle Doodles

Have you ever heard of Zentangles?  It is a fun doodle drawing that encourages visual motor skills, creativity and relaxation.  Simply start out by drawing a rectangle on a small piece of paper (ie half of an index card).  Draw a few squiggle lines inside the rectangle.  Now doodle different patterns in each box.  There is no right or wrong for this activity.  If you google zentangle, you can find many different examples of different doodles and pictures. One of the great things about zentangles is that you can make them very small therefore it does not take too long to finish the picture.

Read another blog post on the benefits of doodling here.  Check out Doodle Diaries for doodling prompts. 


Anonymous said...

I have used simple zentangles with my elemenary students to help practice spatial planning (you must put 5 stars in this space) and fine motor control (draw parallel lines in this space). Their work can then be mounted on a folded piece of paper and become stationery.

Your Therapy Source Inc said...

Love the idea to create stationary with Zentangles. Thanks for sharing.

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