Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Handedness and ADHD

The Journal of Attention Disorders published research on hand preference and its association with ADHD, severity symptoms, age, gender, comorbid psychiatric problems, or parental characteristics. Participants included 520 children (mean age of 9.04 years). Each subject was assessed for handedness, inattention severity, hyperactivity severity, oppositional behavior symptoms, anxiety symptoms, and developmental coordination problems. The results indicated the following:
  • 87.4% were right handed, 12.6% were left handed and only 4 children were mixed handed
  • no association of right or left handedness with age, gender, inattentiveness score, hyperactivity-impulsivity score, comorbid psychiatric problems, developmental coordination problems score, or parental characteristics
Reference: Ahmad Ghanizadeh. Lack of Association of Handedness With Inattention and Hyperactivity Symptoms in ADHD Journal of Attention Disorders May 2013 17: 302-307, first published on January 27, 2012 doi:10.1177/1087054711429789  

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