Monday, February 10, 2014

5 Steps to Visualize Success at Motor Goals

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Do you ever use visualization techniques to help children improve their motor skills or reach their goals?  Visualization is a common practice among athletes to improve their performance and take their skills to the next level.  Research among adults indicates that mentally rehearsing a sport can help to improve performance, trigger responses from the autonomic nervous system and help in the construction of schema.

Here are 5 steps to carry out for visualization techniques:

  1. Determine what the overall goal is that the child would like to reach.

  2. Instruct the child to relax and visualize him/herself achieving the goal.

  3. Right before the child is going to try the skill again ask the child to visualize him/herself performing the skill perfectly.

  4. Throughout the attempt at trying/practicing the skill have the child imagine success.

  5. After the skill, have the child visualize the skill again.  Ask the child was there anything he/she could do different the next time to improve the skill.

Reference:  Saint Clair, Erica. Visualization: The Simple Tool for Even Greater Athletic Success. Retrieved from the web on 2/10/14 at

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