Friday, February 28, 2014

Free App Friday - Some Fun Apps

free appsThere are a few good apps that are free today, 2/28/14.  Here they are:

iPad Screenshot 2

1.  Toca Boca Doctor: - This is a great app for young children.  It challenges visual perceptual skills, visual motor skills and eye hand coordination.  It works well as a reward - complete a certain number  of tasks and the child is rewarded with a mini game that only lasts less than one minute.

iPhone Screenshot 2

2.  Creating Character in Kids  I just tested this app out on the ipad and give it a big thumbs up to use as a token economy system for therapy sessions or suggest to parents.  It comes preloaded with many behavioral expectations but it has the ability to create your own goals, with your own rewards or consequences.   It may work as a great motivator for certain children to accomplish their goals.  I love all the ideas for parents to offer as rewards ie - extra hour with parents undivided attention, pick the dinner or dessert, have a chore free day, etc.  The list of consequences are also preloaded with some good ideas ie do a chore for a sibling, no electronics, write an apology letter, etc.  You can add more than one child to track progress.  


3.  Tiny Firefighters:  For those little ones who love firefighters and police this is a cute visual perceptual app.  You could ask the child to find certain objects.  When they do and touch on the object there is some nice animation.  Again, this may be a nice reward type app or with adult guidance a visual discrimination app.

iPhone Screenshot 1







Happy Free Friday Apps!!!!!

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