Thursday, February 27, 2014

Using Calculator Tape for Visual Motor Tasks

calculator tapeHere are a few ideas using calculator tape to practice visual motor skills and other developmental skills.  By setting up various tasks, the child will have to cross midline, use both sides of the body, visually track the letters/numbers and use visual motor skills.

Use some calculator tape to create a long line of letters, numbers or maze path.  Tape the maze to the table, floor or wall.  Ask the child to find letters, answer math problems or follow the path with their finger.  

Some examples of what to do with calculator tape:

1.  Find the Letter:  Call out a letter and the child needs to use only the right or left hand to find and touch the letter.  By encouraging the use of only one hand the child may have to cross midline to locate and touch the letter.

2.  Number Line:  Hang the numbers up on the wall.  Ask the child to locate certain letters or solve math problems.  The child will have to squat down or reach high to touch the correct number.

3.  Maze Path:  Draw a random path for the child to follow along the length of the paper.

4.  Floor Path:  Put the letter or number strip on the floor.  The child can be placed in wheelbarrow position and have to lift one hand to touch the letter you call out.

5.  Bilateral Path:  Draw two paths on each side of the tape (the same or different).  Can the child trace the paths using both hands at the same time?

Best part of it all, it is so easy to send it home with the child.  When done, roll it up and give it to the child to bring home and practice the same skills.  

If you do not have any calculator tape, try Visual Motor Exercises.  

vme freeVisual Motor Exercises: includes 25 long mazes and patterns to print,assemble and complete to practice pencil control.  Find out more information and download a freebie.

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