Monday, March 31, 2014

Gross Motor Skill Development in Children with Learning Disabilities

gross motor development in children with LDResearch in Developmental Disabilities published a longitudinal study on the gross motor skill development of children with learning disabilities (LD).  Fifty six children with LD, ages 7-11 years old along with 253 typically developing children were assessed annually for three years with the Test of Gross Motor Development-2 (TGMD).

The results indicated the following:

  1. the ball skills of children with LD improved with age especially between 7 and 9 years

  2. the locomotor skills did not improve with age

  3. boys had higher ball skill scores than girls and these differences were constant over time

  4. typically developing children outperformed the children with LD on the locomotor skills and ball skills at all ages, except the locomotor skills at age 7.

  5. children with LD developed their ball skills later in the primary school-period compared to typically developing peers

  6. 11 year-old children with LD had a lag in locomotor skills and ball skills of at least four and three years, respectively, compared to their peers

Reference:   Westerndorp, M et al. A longitudinal study on gross motor development in children with learning disorders. Research in Developmental Disabilities. Volume 35, Issue 2, February 2014, Pages 357–363

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