Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Visual Motor Activity with Magnetic Cars

Visual Motor Activity with Cars

Here is a quick, simple visual motor activity for any of those car loving kids - magnetic cars on the whiteboard. Glue a magnet to the underside of a toy car. Place on whiteboard. That's it, the activity is all set. Here are some ideas to do with the magnetic cars to encourage visual motor skills:

1. Draw a figure 8 racetrack and child can work on crossing midline while driving the car.
2. Draw parking spots and see if the child can follow verbal directions i.e. - drive the red car to the green parking spot.
3. Draw a maze for the car to drive on.
4. Trace letters of the alphabet by driving the cars in the proper form.
5. Have the child draw a road for the car to follow.

Need more visual motor skills check out Visual Motor Workbook at http://www.yourtherapysource.com/visualmotorworkbook.html




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