Monday, April 21, 2014

5 Tips for Sensory Seekers During Group Activities

5 tips for sensory seekers in groupsHere are 5 suggestions to help group therapy sessions go smoothly for sensory seekers.  These tips are great for classroom teachers as well for during circle time or large group instruction.

1.  Begin the activity with a movement warm up.  Depending upon your group of students you many need some whole body activities, crossing midline activities or simple stretches.  When in doubt, proprioceptive activities always work wonders.  Try Proprioceptive Poems at

2.  Mix up how and where the students are seated during group time.  For example, can they stand to to complete the activity, prone prop on the floor, sit on a therapy ball, etc?

3.  Use visual cues for personal space.  During listening tasks, can each student sit on a carpet square or perhaps inside a hula hoop?  Put painter's tape on the floor around the student's desk to indicate personal space.  

4.  Take a break half way through for an additional movement activity.  Try to incorporate movement into the academic or motor skill task to allow for a quick movement sensory break.   Need easy ideas?  Check out Monster Movement Transition Cards at or pick a Mini Movement Break at

5.  Establish a routine that you stick to each group session.  Every time you are leading a group try and keep the same routine.  Over time, the students will know exactly what the expectations are helping to reduce negative behaviors.  


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