Monday, May 5, 2014

Big Shape and Letter Puzzles

Big Shape and letter puzzlesThis activity is so simple to create and incorporates so many developmental skills.  Gather up some wooden blocks or any shapes you may have.  I had some foam letters to use but you could use regular puzzle pieces, letter stencils or cookie cutter letters.   Get a large piece of paper and lay the blocks and letters down.  Trace each one.  

Now spread out the blocks and letters around the room.  The child has to find the shapes/letters and match them to the big puzzle.  Reinforce academic material by asking the child to name the shapes, letter, letter sounds or words that start with that letter.  To add in more gross motor skills, ask the child to complete locomotor skills while finding the blocks and letters.  You could also place the blocks/letters on one side of the room and have the child perform various locomotor skills to put the puzzle piece in the correct location.

This activity encourages:

  1. visual perceptual skills

  2. visual discrimination skills

  3. fine motor skills

  4. gross motor skills

  5. geometry skills

  6. letter recognition


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