Tuesday, February 10, 2015

5 Activities to Do with a Projector

5 Simple Activities for a Projector from www.YourTherapySource.comDo you happen to have one of the "old school" projectors around your home or school?  If yes, here are some quick, simple activities to practice visual motor and fine motor skills.  If no, ask around and see if you get your hands on one.  They are great entertainment and educational for children.

Shapes on Projector to Trace from www.YourTherapySource.com

1.  Tracing Shapes - Awhile back I saw a blogpost on Teach Preschool where the children were writing using light, shadows and a projector.  This is so simple and novel.  Find some shapes or objects and the child can put them on the projector.  Hang white paper on the wall and start tracing.  Wonderful activity to encourage wrist extension while writing along with shape recognition and visual motor skills.

Tracing Shapes and Letters Directly on Projector from www.YourTherapySource.com

2.  Lightbox for Tracing - Draw shapes on letters on paper.  The child can trace on the paper.  The light makes the initial shapes stand out making it easier for the child to trace.

Hand Shadows - www.YourTherapySource.com

3.  Good Old Fashioned Hand Shadows - Children love to make hand shadows.  The projector helps the shadows really pop even if it is not completely dark in the room.

Novel Handwriting Practice - www.YourTherapySOurce.com

4.  Novel Handwriting Practice - Kids love to play teacher.  Have the child practice writing their letters on the projector.  They will find it highly entertaining to see the letters that they write up on the wall.

Sensory Bag on Light Table - www.YourTherapySource.com

5.  Light Table - Use it as a light table.  Do you have toys that will illuminate?  Maybe some clear, colored plastic cups?  Toss some paint or hair gel in a bag, duct tape shut and put it on the light box.  The child can "draw" pre-writing shapes or letters in the sensory bag and the light will shine through.

What is your favorite way to use a projector?


Need handwriting activities?  Check out of our resources at http://yourtherapysource.com/handwriting.html


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