Wednesday, July 8, 2015

DIY Outdoor "Laser" Maze - Super Simple

Outdoor DIY Laser Maze from is an easy outdoor activity to challenge body awareness, motor planning and balance skills.  Find two trees about 6 feet apart.  Give the child a skein of yarn or twine.  Wrap the yarn around the two trees in all different directions and heights to make the “laser” maze.  Once complete, the child needs to climb through the maze without falling.
We started with level one where your knees could touch the ground when going through the maze.  The level two challenge was to get through the maze without letting your knees touch the ground.  When done with the maze the child can practice scissor skills and cut the yarn off the two trees.
Have fun!
Play Move Develop from
By: Your Therapy Source Inc
Summary: 100 reproducible games and activity ideas to encourage motor skill
development and learning in children. Great resource for fun, home exercise
program activities.  Find out more at

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