Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wrist Extension Angle Correlates with Discomfort During Handwriting

Discomfort during handwriting from Movement Science published research on wrist-joint position, finger muscle length, grip strength and prolonged handwriting.   The study looked at two groups – control group of 22 young adults ages 18-24 (no pain while handwriting) and 18 young adults who do experience pain while handwriting.   Each participant completed a writing task for 30 min on a computerized system which measured the wrist-joint angle and documented handwriting kinematics.
The results indicated the following:
1.  the participants from the in-pain handwriting group perceived more soreness and had a less-extended wrist joint, longer on-paper time, and slower stroke velocity compared to control group.
2.  no significant difference in handwriting speed and quality was recorded between the two groups.
3.  the wrist extension angle significantly correlated with perceived soreness.
Reference:  Shao-Hsia Chang et al.  Biomechanical analyses of prolonged handwriting in subjects with and without perceived discomfort.  Human Movement Science
Volume 43, October 2015, Pages 1–8.
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