Saturday, August 1, 2015

5 Tips to Help with Cooperation

5 Tips To Help Children Learn to CooperateDo you ever find yourself thinking I wish this group of kids could just get along better?  Maybe it is during a group therapy session, a play date, recess or siblings that could benefit from some tips to help them cooperate.  Here are 5 tips to help you teach children how to get along:
1.  Model the behavior.  When you are with other adults or children, model good manners by not interrupting, taking turns and sharing.
2.  Praise children.  Catch them when they are cooperating and praise them for the good behavior.  Be specific.  Instead of saying “good job” say “I like how you waited your turn” or “I am proud of you for sharing your favorite toy.
3.  Let the children problem solve.  Whenever able, let the children work it out themselves without interfering.
4.  Practice cooperation.  If necessary, try different role playing activities so that the children can actually learn to share, wait their turn, be polite, etc in a non threatening environment.
5.  Play games that encourage cooperation and keep it fun.  Check out  Cooperative Activities for Kids: 12 Playful Activities to Get Kids Working and Moving Together at  for specific ideas.

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