Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Movement Breaks and Time on Task

Movement Breaks and Time on Task in Preschoolers from Exercise Science published research on 118 preschool students who participated in a 10 minute teacher implemented classroom based activity break for 2 days (study was over 4 days – 2 days the activity break was conducted and the other 2 days was regular instruction).   Physical activity was monitored via accelerometry.  Time on-task was measured by direct observation.
The results indicated the following:
1.  the 10 minute activity breaks resulted in a higher percent of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA).
2.  activity breaks also encouraged more on-task behavior after the activity break.
3.  the students who were the most off-task before the break improved on-task behavior by 30 percentage points.
The researchers concluded that teachers may improve time on-task after an activity break for preschoolers, especially in children who are the most off-task.
Reference:   E. Kipling Webster, Danielle D. Wadsworth, Leah E. Robinson. Preschoolers’ Time On-Task and Physical Activity During a Classroom Activity Break. PES Volume 27, Issue 1, February.
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