Thursday, February 9, 2017

Side Stepping Ball Drop Activity

Side Step Ball Drop Photo

Side stepping ball drop is a fun activity to set up that encourages standing, side stepping, reaching, crossing midline, trunk rotation and wrist extension.  You will need recycled cardboard tubes, tape, balls (that fit inside the tubes) and a bench.  This idea is from Therapeutic Play Activities for Children.

For set up, tape the recycled cardboard tubes along the wall near the back of the bench. Place each tube far enough apart so the child has to side step to get to the next tube. Make sure the bottom of the tubes are on top of the bench. This will prevent the balls from rolling away and encourage your child to keep his/her focus on the activity. Place the bowl of balls or one ball near the first tube. The child can pick up a ball and place it inside a tube. Encourage your child to take turns with the left and right hands when picking up a ball. When the child side steps to the next tube, refill the bowl with new balls and place the bowl on the other side of the child. For example, in the picture the bowl is to the right of the child. When the child moves to the next tube, place the bowl to the left of the child.  If needed, place your hands at the child’s hips to provide a key point of control to assist with standing or squatting.

If you do not have a bench, try using a large cardboard box. If you want to work on strengthening the hip muscles, try the activity in tall kneeling.

This activity is from Therapeutic Play Activities for Children.  This digital download includes 100 play activity pages and 12 tip sheets. The play activities encourage the development of fine motor skills, bimanual skills, rolling, crawling, tall kneeling, standing balance and cruising with a strong focus on children with cerebral palsy. FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION

Therapeutic Play Activities for Children Download

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