Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Free Math and Movement App

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Here is another app that combines physical activity and basic math skills from PBS Kids called Fetch Lunch Rush.  This iPhone app is free and you will need to print off the pdf pages of the numbers online before you can use it.  It is a simple, fun game that gets kids moving, doing addition and using technology.

Once you print the pdf document with the numbers cut out all the numbers.  Place them around the room, gym or even outdoors, the bigger the space the more the physical activity.  Open up the app, choose the number of players, choose names to play with and you are ready to go.  Fetch will show you the orders with the simple addition problems.  You have to find the correct answer and take a picture of it to complete the order.  In each round the player fills three orders and the time is recorded.

I love this app and love this idea for many more apps!  This makes learning your addition facts so much more fun than flashcards and you are squeezing in some physical activity.  You can hang the number cards in high and low places so children have to squat down or reach up high.  Even children who were proficient in their math addition facts enjoy playing to try and beat the clock or the other players.  You can watch this short clip of a boy playing the game.

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